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 Harley-Davidson Black Label Collection

New Look. New Feel. New Fit.
The New Black Label Collection
Younger. Hip. Stylin'. You might say this is the first line created by the riders themselves.

Classic Meets Contemporary. Men's Black Label has a completely new aesthetic. Authentic, heritage Harley®, with the nostalgic look and feel of classic vintage 50's streetwear. The look may have a retro touch, but the fit is slim and modern. Unique to Black Label, the cut is narrow through the chest, shaped at the sides, with a narrower sweep at the hip. Right off the rack, they look worn, washed, comfortable and already broken in. Tough. Timesless. Understated. That's what they said they wanted. And with Black Label, we nailed it.

You asked for it. You've Got It.

Authenticity with just the right amount of attitude. Iconic Harley® style with a new-gen edge. That's the new Black Label. Jackets, caps, shirts, gloves, even a kickin' half-helmet - you can give them what they want, right down to their fingertips.

This line will be available soon on our website. We'll let you know when it has arrived.

Black Label Collection