Did you know that choosing the correct shape, size and type of earring for your face shape can improve your overall appearance? Really, it can. Here are a few tips to help you make the right choices.

Look in the mirror with your hair pulled back and study the shape of your face.

Which of the following shapes best resemble your face shape: square, round, oval, diamond, heart or oblong.

If you have a square face buy earrings that are rounded or have rounded edges. A medium or long length earring will look fantastic.
You'll want to avoid large earring or ones that have sharp angles.

If your face is round shaped, buy slender, long earrings. Angle and curvilinear lines work and so do earrings with ovals, oblong, and dangles. If you do stud type earrings choose angles make a bold statement.
You'll want to run from hoops, big bulky earrings and small stud earrings.

Lucky you, if you have an oval shaped face. You can buy what you like. Go crazy. Get all shape and styles. An oval shaped face allows about any style of earring to compliment it. You'll want to pay close attention to gentle shapes like teardrops, pearls ovals. Those shapes always look good on an oval face, so does stud earrings.

Is your face diamond shaped? To choose the perfect earring for a diamond face shape, consider the shape of the earrings. Choose earrings that are wider than they are long. You can mix wavy and straight lines. shape is wider than they are long. Little drops look good as well as studs.
Stay away from angles and diamond shapes and squares.

So you have a heart shaped face. To look great, purchase waves, ovals and soft teardrop earrings. Ask yourself, "Are they narrow at the top and wider at the bottom (something like a pyramid)?" If so, go for them.
You'll want to pass up the heart shapes and or anything that starts wide and come to a point at the bottom.

If you face shape is oblong, you'll look great stud at the top and earrings or in chandelier at the top and earrings.
Stay away from anything that copies you face shape like long angles

Am I buying the right earrings for my face shape?