About Harley-Davidson® Heated Clothing

Extend the ride with Harley-Davidson® Heated Clothing.

Harley-Davidson® Heated clothing allows you to extend your riding season by making the ride more comfortable. In addition, these heated liners are designed to zip into the FXRG® jackets for ultimate performance. Harley-Davidson® heated clothing is compatible with all Harley-Davidson® motorcycle models and is backed by a lifetime warranty on all heated elements.

  • Plug-In -for longer trips, jacket easily plugs into power switch or battery harness. Integrated Nanowire™ and GHC High Density Heat® systems are strategically placed throughout the garment to be less noticeable and more comfortable. Provides intense and uniform heat coverage. Requires less amperage than ever before for less drain on the bike battery. Small and light wires routed through channels for greater comfort and added pliability in below-freezing temperatures. Color-coded plugs for easy connection.
  • Battery-Operated – This heated clothing type provides greater ease of use and mobility for shorter-distance trips. Utilizes the most durable and efficient heating technology ever developed-Microwire™ heating technology. This patented process uses micro-sized stainless steel fibers encased in a Teflon® coating that are woven into a heating matrix within the glove. Provides all over heat coverage-fingers, thumb and back of hand are all heated. Battery lasts approximately 2-6 hours, depending on the heat setting selected.Requires rechargeable lithium batteries (sold separately). Battery charger is included with each garment.
  • Plug-In Dual-Source - Most versatile heated clothing option as it can be used for both long and short rides. Connects either to the bike's electrical system or a rechargeable lithium battery. Vest can be worn under any jacket to provide extra warmth. Versatile technology provides benefits of both the plug-in and battery operated technology depending on what's required for duration of the ride. Requires rechargeable lithium batteries (sold separately). Battery charger is included with garment.

Harley-Davidson® Heated Clothing