SE-204 Cam Kit-Screamin’ Eagle® for Twin Cam 88®-equipped models.

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This cam produces peak horsepower around 5800 RPM and installation does not require any headwork or performance valve springs. Should be used in conjunction with open intake and exhaust. For Race Application ONLY!.
Performance Cams for Twin Cam 88™ Equipped models. Kits include front and rear cams. Splined rear cam is included for exceptional load handling capability. Gaskets and bearings not included. Dealer installation is recommended, and special tools are required for proper installation. Please purchase Cam Installation Kit P/N 17045-99A which contains all required gaskets, bearings, and seals for proper installation. For proper cam gear spacing, Cam Spacer Kit P/N 25938-00 is recommended. This kit contains an assortment of five different spacers to achieve proper sprocket alignment. Individual spacers can be purchased separately. 99 models require splined Cam Sprocket P/N 25716-99 for installation. For race application only.
Lift @ valve Intake/ Exhaust:(.508”/.508”)
Duration @ .053 Intake/ Exhaust:(236°/240°)
Timing @ .053 lift Open/Close:
(Intake: 22°BTDC/34°ABDC
Exhaust: 52°BBDC/08°ATDC)

TDC Lift @ valve int/exh: (0.208”/.129”)
* Theoretical based on rocker arm ratio of 1.65. Valve train components, operation temperature and tolorence stack-up will affect actual lifts.
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Fits 99-up carbureted Twin Cam™ equipped models unless noted. Some camshafts may also be used on 99-later EFI Twin Cam™88-equipped models in conjunction with an approved ECM calibration. See H & M for details.
I had it installed recently and have noticeble power improvement on take off and while passing at hwy speeds. Don't know how long term reliable it is, we shall see
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