Top 5 Harley® Accessories

Riding a Harley® isn’t just about being the envy of all your friends. It’s not just about that infamous sound or the custom design. It’s about living the lifestyle. It’s about becoming part of a community. In order to be part of that community, you have to dress the part. We want to make it as easy as possible for you. In no particular order, here are the top 5 must-have Harley® accessories every rider should own: helmet, leathers (jacket, vest, chaps, etc…), goggles or sunglasses, boots and raingear.

1.  Your Helmet
First and foremost, never leave home without your helmet. While not every state has a helmet law, it’s good sense to get in the habit of wearing one. Harley® manufactures helmets in four basic styles, full-face, modular, ¾, and ½. These styles vary in their facial coverage, movement, warmth and accessories. Each style has particular benefits and advantages and choosing which style is right for you is a matter of preference. Always make sure to try on your helmet prior to purchasing, as fit is absolutely essential to it’s effectiveness. For more information on how to find the helmet that’s right for you, please reference this instructional helmet video.

2. Your Leathers
Contrary to popular stereotypes, the next absolutely essential part of your riding wardrobe should be your leathers. While these are often portrayed in the media as a “fashion statement,” they serve a much more important purpose to the rider. Leathers not only provide warmth in the cooler weather, but they also one of the easiest Harley® motorcycle accessories to use. Taking an extra ten seconds to slip into your leather jacket, leather chaps and leather gloves before you go out on a ride, could save you a lot of trouble in the unfortunate case of an accident. Leathers serve as a shield to your open skin, and should always be worn when riding. 

3. Your Eye Protection
Now that you’ve protected your head and your skin, it’s time to protect your eyes. One should always add goggles or sunglasses to his or her Harley® outing. This allows a clear and accurate field of vision while also protecting one’s eyes from debris. Your choices of Harley-Davidsion® eyewear include the smoke lens, the clear lens, the yellow lens and the transitional lens. These lenses are going to vary in different weather situations as well as night/day riding. For more information on how to choose the right lens for you, please reference this instructional performance eyewear video.

4. Your Boots
Other basic riding Harley® accessories that every rider should own is a pair of riding boots.   While leather is the optimum choice (reference leather outline above), as long as the boot shapes your foot, covers your ankle, has a strong rubber bottom, and is the proper fit, it will suffice. You want to choose a boot that allows you flexibility but is tight enough that your foot will not slip while riding. The nice thing about Harley® boots is that there are so many different options; you will not likely find yourself stuck in a style you don’t like. 

5. Your Raingear
Lastly, every Harley® rider should carry a good raingear set. Even if the sky is clear blue and sunny when you leave for your ride, it could quickly “shift gears” (no pun intended) leaving you wet and miserable unless you have the proper gear. When choosing your raingear, you want to take into account breathability, waterproof level, and most importantly ease of use. Most sets will come in a compact bag allowing for easy access and storage. Learn more about Harley-Davidson® raingear.

So, now that you’ve joined the Harley-Davidson® family and geared up with your top five Harley® accessories, you’re ready to hit the road in comfort, safety, and most importantly STYLE.

Top 5 Accessories Every Harley® Rider Needs